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November 17, 2013
Tiburon Community Congregational Church Tiburon, CA.   A presentations on the topic, “The Toughest Choices You’ll Ever Make.”.
This talk focused on how difficult it can be to make choices when there are two “rights”: the desire to maintain the life of your gravely ill loved one at all costs and the courage to let your loved one go if there is no hope and they don’t want to live.

A secondary focused on advanced planning and conversation about dying – activities that provide survivors with a more comfortable road map as to how to proceed when decisions must be made.

January 26, 2014
Temple Beth David, Northern Philadelphia.  A presentation entitled “How to Have your Voice when a Serious Illness or Accident Occurs.”  A 90 minute “mini seminar”  introduced participants to the complexity of decisions and the kinds of circumstances patients may encounter.   The essential issue of opening up conversations with doctors, family members, and designated proxy was also introduced.

February 11, 2014
The Hill at Whitemarsh, Philadelphia, Pa,  A two hour seminar entitled “Having Your Voice to the End of Life”  presented to a retirement community that addressed the issues associated with end of life planning.

March 30, 2014

Temple University’s OLLI Program (A lifelong learning center)

End of Life Planning: “Having Your Voice to the End of Your Life”.  This class has been offered since 2011.  A ten hour seminar addressing obstacles and resources for having one’s own voice, completion of  forms that outline one’s wishes,  about gray areas associated with aging, addressed issues related to conversation they must have with doctors, family members, and their medical proxy who will make medical decisions for them.  Developments in  new legislation to legalize assisted dying are discussed.

October 2014

A presentation to the Positive Aging group of active seniors which was entitled, “End of Life Planning:  What’s it all About.”

March 2015

A presentation to the Transition Network introducing the concepts associated with   “Having Your Voice to the End of Your Life

May 28, 2015

Presentation to a Men’s Group of Friends in the City.  Presentation entitled “Five Short Videos That Could Change Your Life.”

September 2015

Temple University OLLI Program.  “Four Short Videos that Could Change Your Life”.

February 2016

Presentation to the Einstein Circle at Sarasota, Florida “Four Short Videos that Could Change Your Life”.

Here is a review from the producer of this program:

“I’m delighted with all the positive feedback that came from your Einstein’s Circle and was glad to see the annotated bibliography, as a number of people came up to me at last week’s Einstein’s Circle to ask when it might be expected. 

I also want to let you know that as a direct result of being there for your presentation, three couples made a point of telling me they made appointments to have the “conversation” with their doctors and get their Florida  DNR’s in order and  acknowledged by their physicians. A fourth woman told me that that evening she and her husband talked about how they felt after listening to you and watching the videos and it caused them to come to a decision to leave Florida in the near future and relocate to California to be near their children and grandchildren as they grow older and face the possibility of serious health issues. Your talk was, indeed, conscious raising and begs to be repeated here in Sarasota again on another occasion. 

Thank you again for the time, the effort, the dedication and the energy you put into this very worthwhile mission.”

September 2016

Presentation to the Media OLLI  program:  YOUR LIFE, YOUR DEATH, YOUR CHOICE: How to Have Your Voice to the End of Your life.

October 2016

Author Presentation to Friends in the City and the Philadelphia Public Library on YOUR LIFE, YOUR DEATH, YOUR CHOICE: How to Have Your Voice to the End of Your Life.

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