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An argument for making your plans in a short video

The Wisconsin Medical Society produced a video, released in October 2014, that is designed to encourage you to  make your end of life plans and to begin having the “difficult conversations” about what you want at the end of your life

Take ten minutes to watch people of all ages, faiths and races talk about their ideas as to what they would want. The areas of concern are quite varied and some of them will surely stimulate you to think about what you would want.  Particularly poignant is a young adult in his late 20s who was diagnosed with leukemia whose wife was struggling to make decisions without knowing what he wanted.

It is truly an act of love to let people know what you want so they are able to respond. We need to take responsibility for communicating our wishes should we suddenly become ill and unable to make decisions for ourselves.

Here are some suggestions:

1.  View the video and reflect on the comments particularly meaningful to you.

2.  Invite your loved ones to watch and then talk together.

3.  Challenge family members to engage in preparing their own medical directives.

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