“This Was Not the Good Death We Were Promised.” NY Times Op Ed, January 6, 2018

This is a story about one hospice in one community at a particular point in time.

All Hospice organizations are different and have different cultures.  While they ostensibly do the same thing;  provide care for those at the end of their life, they have different cultures and go through all of the stresses and strains of any organization.  For example, I recently learned of a situation where two parents went into the same Hospice within a year of each other and the first experience was very positive while the second was not.   It is to the credit of the Hospice organization that they scheduled a meeting to learn how they had not met the expectations of the family and were determined to correct the problems.

One distinction that may be important to consider is whether the organization is a nonprofit entity.  It is logical that a “for profit” entity has more of an eye on how to keep costs down.  Click here to read the story.

Talk with your family about whether you want Hospice as a resource when your life is coming to an end.  As friends who might have had a relative what their experience with Hospice was like.  Did you know that Hospice patients generally live longer with less pain and discomfort than a similar group?  Unfortunately, when many hear that someone has gone into Hospice they consider it a death sentence.  It is not.  It is a decision to live for as long as they can with the greatest humanity and comfort that can be provided.  Too many families and patients wait too long to contact Hospice.  HAVE A CONVERSATION ABOUT HOSPICE WHILE YOU ARE WELL AND LET YOUR FAMILY KNOW WHETHER YOU WOULD WANT HOSPICE.

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