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Participant Testimonials

What worked well?

“Having frank discussions about the issues…  Mark’s giving many examples.  His terrific bibliography, his providing worksheets on the choices in different medical scenarios, what I have to do to prepare for the end of life, the need to discuss with my doctors…  This was an amazing course that was so helpful in focusing on the difficult issues and situations.  I had never thought about as possibilities at the end of my life.  Mark is knowledgeable and has done so much research.  He is also generous in his sharing of all this information.  The course was a transforming experience.”

“Well presented, made me think more seriously.”

“Mark’s thoughtful comments and examples.”

“Excellent readings – very interesting speaker who presented realities at the end of life.  Group dynamics very helpful.  I learned from others.  Mark’s passion for getting folks to do the personal work surrounding the topic added much.”

What are you taking back with you into your life?

“Much better clearer understanding of my and  xxx end of life wishes.  Documents to share with physicians, family and some dear friends as to my wishes.”

“Knowledge and importance of my and other end of life processes.”

“Lots to think about and read.  A clear action plan.”

“Dear Mark:

I just wanted to thank you again for the Advanced Directives Course.  It was so informative and eye opening.  I had previously thought I knew a little bit about the issues involved, but I came to realize my knowledge of the nuances and actualities was quite limited.

The amount of research you did to document and supplement your ideas was really astounding.  Plus the fact that you really put your heart into the course and were so committed to making sure that your lucky students got the important points and learned what they had to do to take care of themselves.

Thanks so much again for your kindness, concern, compassion and knowledge…”

Don  MD


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