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The Cost of Health Care

The media has been filled with stories regarding care and eventual death of someone who is terminally ill   Many of these situations are economic and psychological nightmares.  Consider the following:

  • An 88 year old man with advanced dementia who had stated that he wanted to die naturally was treated for ten days with highly experimental drugs at a treatment cost of $323,000. You can read about his situation here.

  • A woman who reported that she didn’t understand that her husband was dying was treated for cancer in the last three days of his life at the cost of over $14,000 per day.

  • A man whose treatment for cancer over six years cost $616,000 with the last three days of his life costing over $14,000 per day.  His wife reported that she was not aware that he was dying. You can read about this story here.

  • A man who was in good health and taking a blood thinner hit his head and experienced  brain hemorrhaging when falling off a step ladder.  He had no advanced medical directive, never regained consciousness, and died three months later.  His partner was bankrupted by the costs.

  • A family who rejected the medical advice that nothing further could be done for their unconscious father insisted that every measure be taken.   Patient died three months later without regaining consciousness.  The estimated cost was $250,000.

A modest investment in YOUR LIFE, YOUR DEATH, YOUR CHOICE: How to Have Your Voice to the End of Your Life will help to express your wishes for the end of your life and could save you and your family hundreds of thousands of dollars and enable your family to make the decisions you desire.

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