November 17, 2013
Tiburon Community Congregational Church. Two presentations on the topic, “The Toughest Choices You’ll Ever Make.”.
This talk focused on how difficult it can be to make choices when there are two “rights”: to be with your loved one who is gravely ill and to let them go if there is no hope and they don’t want to live. The second primary focus was on advanced planning and conversation about dying. While difficult this activity is an act of love because it provides survivors with a more comfortable road map as to how to proceed when decisions must be made.

January 26, 2014
Temple Beth David, Northern Philadelphia.
“How to have your voice when a serious illness or accident occurs.” Dr. Peterson will present a 90 minute “mini seminar” which will introduce participants to the complexity of decisions and the kinds of circumstances patients may encounter and also address the essential issue of opening up conversations with doctors, family members, and the designated proxy.

February 11, 2014
The Hill at Whitemarsh, Philadelphia, Pa
“Having Your Voice to the End of Life”
This retirement community has also requested a 2 hour “mini seminar” which will address the issues associated with end of life planning.

March 30, 2014
Temple University’s OLLI Program (A lifelong learning center)
“Having Your Voice to the End of Your Life”
During the ten hour Seminar the participants will learn about obstacles and resources for having their own voice, complete 6 forms which outline their wishes, learn about gray areas associated with aging, and address issues related to conversation they must have with doctors, family members, and their medical proxy who will make medical decisions for them.

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